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Camerina Adventures - Ty Vinck

Tyler Vinck

GM & Player. Host of Camerina Adventures & Tripping the Rifts.

My name is Tyler Vinck and am typically a gm, for a group of friends and my wife and two sons as well. Governed by the GM’s curse of my own success, I rarely get to join in and play games myself, but I am excited to be a part of the Take 20dnd group since it will open new doors for me to play in as well.

I have been playing D&D since 92 as a grognard for the older editions of the game, My home game Camerina Adventures is played in 2nd edition with some light house-ruling to keep things moving. Another interesting thing about Camerina is for the most part we play with very little Meta knowledge. The players make attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks and initiative rolls, while I take care of most of the damage rolls. I also track their hp and meta information, attempting to describe the game and situation to them as best I can too keep the numbers out, and immersion in the play. You would be amazed how Excel sheets can really help a gm out.

I work as an automotive parts person and tire specialist for my local dealership, but I try to squeeze as much time out for RPG’s as possible. I GM 2nd edition D&D, heroes unlimited and rifts, but I am looking at bringing my repertoire into newer systems as well.

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