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Episode 23 – October 16th, 2020

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Episode 22 – October 9th, 2020

Episode 21; PART 2 – September 25th, 2020

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Episode 21; PART 1 – September 25th, 2020

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Episode 14 – July 24, 2020

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Episode 13

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Episode 12

The party spends several hours in the town of Dymiir, amidst Spring festival celebrations and the influx of many travelers from lands around and afar. Donning disguises or remaining unseen, they travel north toward the Highland Road where two of their companions take leave for Al’Shaniir in the west. The party bids them goodbye and turn east toward Sember as night falls. Morning brings an unexpected and unwelcome arrival.

Episode 11

The adventurers continue to explorer the most haunted of mansions, and things swiftly get darker and more unreal. Dark forces reveal themselves for greater evils, treasures are found and clues uncovered. We won’t spoil it for you in this description, but a final battle ensues amidst a great and terrible magic unleashed and ….. well, we said we wouldn’t spoil it. Enjoy the show! 😀

Episode 10

We screwed up on the sound in the first 15min or so of this clip (past the time ofc), all apologies for the gap! Nonetheless, the adventure continueth, and our party of adventurers find themselves deeply immersed in a mansion torn between planes of existence, and stalked throughout by unknown but clearly sinister forces.

Episode 9

The party has made their way through swamp & forest to a farm community and the town of Dymiir. After settling into clean clothes and decent food, they finally took a well-deserved long rest. The party saves a farm from invasion & discover a possible source of evil, a large creepy estate in the woods northwest of the town, whose owner has not been seen in some time. Something dark and sinister seems to stir within. #ttrpg #dnd

Episode 8

Until this episode of ‘Chronicles of Chryalis'(we improperly labeled it SideQuest on the overlay, lol), we hadn’t even heard the term ‘Hobby Mortician’, but it’s a thing now. Party did alright trudging through the swamp. Avoided a skirmish, felled a stirge swarm, built a raft & managed to get to a town with no life lost. The mage will now know better than to pick weird s*** up off of corpses and the gnome learned a valuable lesson. #ttrpg #dnd #rpg

Episode 7

Only recently freed from the Iron Mines, the party makes a harrowing escape into the wilderness, following an overgrown road into swampy territory, a shambling horror almost overwhelms them but the party perseveres, with rescued prisoners in tow. #ttrpg #rpg #roleplay #dnd #dnd5e

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