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Take20 D&D - Creator Crucible

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting & More!

Showtime: Every Friday at 7:00pm-9:00pm (MST)
Please Check the Show Schedule for Details.

The Quest for More Art Continues!

Thanks for visiting the Take20 D&D Creator Crucible! We get all kinds of creative here, diving into map-making, drawing, painting (minis and other art), graphic design, clay sculpting, and generally experimenting with all kinds of new mediums of artistic expression in our quest to become better artists. You’re invited to pull up a seat and a piece of paper or a block of something capable of being sculpted, and dig right into learning something new, getting some much-needed practice, or even contribute your ideas and wisdom to the channel via chat, we love to share knowledge!
This is also where Kelly will be posting finished pieces of art, short albums of WIP’s and speed-run video clips, and other fun stuff as each project is completed. Check back often for new updates.
To support our continued quest to create more art and to access all of the full-length and special project videos, please visit the Take20 D&D Patreon page.

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Take20 D&D - Creator Crucible
The Latest Art Projects

‘Dragon Dance’

Digital Painting Speed-run by Kelly Eros


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The Host of Creator Crucible

Take20 D&D - Kelly Eros

Kelly Eros

Artist & Graphic Designer

I’m an artist, web developer, graphic designer, and game developer based in the Take20 D&D heartland- Stony Plain, Alberta. I’m an uber big fan of Dungeons & Dragons® and love to create my own homebrew maps and adventures, and I absolutely love to write. I love embarking on new adventures with great friends, love my extremely patient and understanding girlfriend Carolyn for forever encouraging my creative energy, and of course my not-so-patient cat, Tesla.

In addition to my current role as lead game designer for SAK’D, with Alchemy Interactive, I’m always working on all things Take20 D&D including the website, social media and participating in a few games. Starting late January I’ll also be hosting the ‘Chronicles of Chryalis’ homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5e game with a medley of awesome peeps from Our Little D&D Game and Camerina Adventures.

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