An Unfortunate Situation Unfolds…

The party awakens together in a damp cell, separated from freedom by a rough-hewn but sturdy door inset with wrought-iron bars. The cramped confines of cold, earthen hollow surround them and it’s incredibly dark, save for the dim orange flicker of a torch burning somewhere beyond the door, and the room is rife with the smell of sweat, burning wood and dirt. The party has no idea how they arrived here, or even where ‘here’ is, remembering only the previous nights’ tavern revelry and a grateful town bestowing tankard after tankard of ale upon the group who most recently relieved the local populace of a serious giant rat problem. Something about the intensity of the hangover each party member has tells a more sinister tale; could they have been poisoned?

Goblin Infested Caverns

The party immediately notices they are not alone. Standing over 6-feet tall while slightly hunched under the low ceiling of this room, and appearing to be wearing a fur-line cloak, a massive, muscular humanoid figure peers out through the bars in the door, leaning in as if smelling the air. It pauses to cough for a moment. The sound itself is alarming to the party members, since its low guttural tone immediately belies its inhuman nature, and at the sound of the surprised gasps behind it, the creature turns it’s head towards the party, and steps full into the thin light.

A bugbear.

What does the party do next? Is it melee and murder in the cramped cell, or do they parlay? Will the bugbear attack first, and why haven’t they already been slain? Who the has betrayed them and who has taken them prisoner? Find out on the very first exciting episode of ‘Chronicles of Chryalis’!

Showtime 7pm-10pm (Mountain Standard Time), every other Wednesday beginning January 22nd, 2020. Mark your calendars!
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