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Episode 9

The party has made their way through swamp & forest to a farm community and the town of Dymiir. After settling into clean clothes and decent food, they finally took a well-deserved long rest. The party saves a farm from invasion & discover a possible source of evil, a large creepy estate in the woods northwest of the town, whose owner has not been seen in some time. Something dark and sinister seems to stir within. #ttrpg #dnd

Episode 8

Until this episode of ‘Chronicles of Chryalis'(we improperly labeled it SideQuest on the overlay, lol), we hadn’t even heard the term ‘Hobby Mortician’, but it’s a thing now. Party did alright trudging through the swamp. Avoided a skirmish, felled a stirge swarm, built a raft & managed to get to a town with no life lost. The mage will now know better than to pick weird s*** up off of corpses and the gnome learned a valuable lesson. #ttrpg #dnd #rpg

Episode 7

Only recently freed from the Iron Mines, the party makes a harrowing escape into the wilderness, following an overgrown road into swampy territory, a shambling horror almost overwhelms them but the party perseveres, with rescued prisoners in tow. #ttrpg #rpg #roleplay #dnd #dnd5e

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