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Dungeons & Dragons® – 5th Edition

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Realms of Ancient
Magic and Mystery

Our story takes place on Chryalis, an ancient, living world with a cataclysmic history.
In the north, a sinister and terrifying evil has begun to spread. Its as-yet-unknown source corrupts all who encounter it, and it’s said that even the realms most powerful monsters, skilled warriors and adept mages are folly to resist the power of its dark will. On several continents, feudal lords wage constant battles against one another, many determined to unify the people in defiance of corruption, while other, more ambitious powers keep the company of monsters and beings of such vile intent, forming nightmarish armies of death and destruction, hell-bent on the enslavement and rule over all.
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The Cast of Characters

The Players of The Chronicles of Chryalis

The Dungeon Master



Ogrillon Fighter



Dark-Elf Arcane Trickster



Human Monk



Human Necromancer