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5-Player Experience Tracker

GM’s can efficiently track 5-players experience point gains in style! A handy fillable and printable PDF that auto-totals each column of player experience. Base Rate fields are editable (but not factored into calculation due to the variety of rates, eg. 80-200 or Variable) and it comes with a handy notes section for listing treasures, campaign notes and other relevant tidbits of information to hand players at the end of an adventure or game session.

Simply fill out the PDF and save it, print it, or export it for your players to give them a concise overview of their collected experience for a session.Please note that the PDF’s are single pages, and that the ‘Number of Pages’ indicated on this package is the number of themes included, plus the ReadMe file with support links. Includes additional experience categories to extend the individual character role-playing rewards of almost any TTRPG system beyond just being a murderhobo.

This PDF package comes with five (5) different themed interactive PDF’s, and I’ll be designing a new theme as often as possible, and including them with this package at no additional cost.

Themes Currently In Package: Fantasy Scribe, Forest, Gothic, SteamPunk, and Horror

You can get your Experience Tracker PDF’s on DM’s Guild Here:

Character Experience Tracker – DM’s Guild