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Kelly Eros

Player & GM, Host of ‘Chronicles of Chryalis‘, the ‘Creator Crucible‘ and Co-Host of the ‘Take20 D&D Morning Show

Hi folks! I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons® since the days of old (TSR, around 1988), including developing all kinds of homebrew RPG stuff over the past few decades.
I thoroughly enjoy playing role-playing games with friends and am ecstatic to be a part of the Take20 D&D team, helping to put together tons of incredibly informative and super-fun content for other TTRPG enthusiasts. One of my greatest thrills in gameplay is the joy and excitement of new players as they discover the fun and excitement they’ve been missing out on for years by not playing some RPG’s with some friends. I currently play Wren Buckley on ‘Our Little D&D Game‘, having switched from a temporary stint as Bor the Barbarian.
On the personal side, i spend tons of quality time with my girlfriend and my cat, and engaging in a variety of hobbies in my rapidly-vanishing ‘spare time’, including kung fu, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, website development, 3d modeling, sound & music production.  My weekly forays into some quality gaming with some great friends gives me the opportunity to detach from all the stresses of my daily life and immerse myself in my character and their world for a few hours. In addition to my incredibly fulfilling duties with Take20 D&D multimedia stuff, I also host ‘Creator Crucible‘ and ‘Chronicles of Chryalis‘, and I’m the creative director for one of the greatest action-adventure role-playing indie-game development projects on the planet, called SAK’D, with the team from Alchemy Interactive.

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