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The Quest Continues!

Ep75-Pt1 The gang has a tough choice to make as they stand in front of the Phylacteries of many powerful Liches. will they be able to figure out which is which. In fact they make a choice and begin to jet. However Charon get’s caught and they almost don’t  make it out of the vault alive, as it comes crashing down around them. They manage to get to Syranna and hand over several  phylacteries. unfortunately Charon loses a hand over it, The Gang then travels to see Jein and return what she sent them to get in the first place. Jein then sends the party on to their next destination. At this point, the are tired and in need of a rest. Quill casts Leomunds Tiny Hut where they rest and heal up. Entering the cavernous room ahead of them, lurking in the shadows is a deadly creature that offer’s them a deal to get the next two Orbs Of Dragon Kind. (Wren is his typical self) The Androsphinx they encounter offers them a great deal but wiil the the party trust him. Tune In and find out!

Phylactery Chest

Take20 D&D - Our Little D&D Game
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Take20 D&D - Stony Rob

Quillian Quicktec

Gnome Wizard

Stony Rob

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Take20 D&D - Darythe Hill

Nariel the True

Human Cleric


Take20 D&D - Jonathan Schmidt

Bor Horsfaller

Human Barbarian


Wren Buckley

Human Edgelord Rogue


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