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Take20 D&D is a network of TTRPG shows each with it’s very own time slot. Different campaigns, different GM’s and players, playing live games every week. TTRPG Podcasts, Player/GM tips and helpful ‘Getting Started’ videos. Click on a Take20 program from the images below to check out more information about that specific show.

Hello! Welcome to Take20 D&D! We’re just a bunch of friends who love great stories and the thrill of playing tabletop role-playing games!

Live episodes every week and an entire library of past episodes to quench your thirst for adventure! There is a show and a different time slot for everyone!

Forgotten Realms®, RIFTS®, Cthulhu Mythos, detailed and exciting home-brew games and much more! Lots of one-shots, tons of laughs and fun.

Our Live-Stream Shows

We produce all kinds of exciting shows following a variety of campaigns on regular weekly and bi-weekly showtimes. Please note that, unless otherwise specified; all shows listed are rated for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

The Chronicles of Chryalis

The Chronicles of Chryalis

Our Past TTRPG Shows

Check out some of the fun adventures and themes for shows we’ve run in the past. We’ve had to end or postpone certain streams due to the pandemic, or time limitations or the end of mighty long campaigns, but their stories and legends live on in a few web pages. 

Tripping the Rifts

Tripping the Rifts

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change. Please check back often.

PLEASE NOTE: New Live-Stream Show Schedule Starts Thursday January 9th, 2020 with ‘Our Little D&D Game‘.

Enjoy your favourite Take20 D&D shows on the go! Catch the latest episode of the Take20 D&D Podcast, featuring excerpts from ‘Our Little D&D Game‘. We’re also gearing up for some informative discussions about all things D&D/TTRPG so check back often for updates, or visit the podcast page for more details.
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