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Take20 D&D is a network of TTRPG shows each with it’s very own time slot. Different campaigns, different GM’s and players, playing live games every week. TTRPG Podcasts, Player/GM tips and helpful ‘Getting Started’ videos. Click on a Take20 program from the images below to check out more information about that specific show.

Hello! Welcome to Take20 D&D! We’re just a bunch of friends who love great stories and the thrill of playing tabletop role-playing games!

Live episodes every week and an entire library of past episodes to quench your thirst for adventure! There is a show and a different time slot for everyone!

Forgotten Realms®, RIFTS®, Cthulhu Mythos, detailed and exciting home-brew games and much more! Lots of one-shots, tons of laughs and fun.

Our Live-Stream Shows

We produce all kinds of exciting shows following a variety of campaigns on regular weekly and bi-weekly showtimes. Please note that, unless otherwise specified; all shows listed are rated for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change. Please check back often.

PLEASE NOTE: New Live-Stream Show Schedule Starts Thursday January 9th, 2020 with ‘Our Little D&D Game‘.

Enjoy your favourite Take20 D&D shows on the go! Catch the latest episode of the Take20 D&D Podcast, featuring excerpts from ‘Our Little D&D Game‘. We’re also gearing up for some informative discussions about all things D&D/TTRPG so check back often for updates, or visit the podcast page for more details.
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