Shambazzle Games!

If you love video games and tons of great TTRPG content, discussions and more, then you absolutely have to stop by and give our friends over at Shambazzle Games a watch. Tons of positive atmosphere, great production and the hosts are absolutely fantastic!


Matty plays some really awesome games! Retro, indie, modern and everything in-between. Terrific host and a great show for game enthusiasts to hang out and chat about fun stuff!

Michael Mordor

Some of the best miniature painting on the planet is goin’ on over here. Michael and his painting goblins unleash a weekly-if-not-daily barrage of incredible Reaper Mini’s, tips and tricks and a thorough how-to on every part of the process. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to paint miniatures like a pro, you’ll definitely want to stop in for a watch!