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Dungeons & Dragons® – 5th Edition

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The Quest Continues!

Ep77 The Gang are released from Prison and find their way back to Lorfinglins home. Where they are advised to be prepared for giving and account of their activities. they also find out that they will be returning to Maztica.

Nariel tries to get some land for a new shrine for Mielikki, Wren and Bors head for TSR Trollskull Residences and a good time. Quill goes looking for some Insight and Charron gets a hand! Enjoy.

Phylactery Chest

Take20 D&D - Our Little D&D Game

The Cast of Our Little D&D Game

The Dungeon Master


Take20 D&D - Stony Rob

Quillian Quicktec

Gnome Wizard

Stony Rob

Take20 D&D - Brendan WhatsHisName




Take20 D&D - Darythe Hill

Nariel the True

Human Cleric


Take20 D&D - Jonathan Schmidt

Bor Horsfaller

Human Barbarian


Wren Buckley

Human Edgelord Rogue