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Tail spines and more tail spines, lol.

So this is my sixth clay sculpture (I’ll drop another post in later reviewing my other projects), the third time I’ve built and worked with a maquette/rig, and my first time working with Sculpey® clay (polymer), so I was a bit reluctant at first to embark on the adventure. I was working on another sculpture altogether which hadn’t even started taking shape when I realized the natural clay I was using was simply going to shrink and pull away from the model.

So, it was off to the store to see about getting some more clay, thinking somehow more was going to solve my modeling problem, when I decide to get the $15CAD box of Sculpey®, a seemingly-small package (1lb) of firm polymer clay that I really wasn’t sure I would get much more than an ashtray out of it. As it turns out, I’ll likely never [clay] sculpt with anything else from now on. Let me sum up about a half dozen missed blog posts to this point by saying this; Sculpey® is AMAZING.

I’ve built the maquette, I’ve blobbed on the base clay and basic bio-mechanical ‘musculature’ of the alien and started to cut in some of the details. Mostly using the hooked dental-type tool, have now started to work on the multitude of tail spines on this monsters. A tedious task for certain. I’m skipping the live-stream on that process because it’s incredibly mind-numbing to do and I cover the first few in a couple other episodes.

Note: You can check out the earlier episodes of the ‘adventure in maquette building’ on this xenomorph on Twitch at

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