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Here’s the final sculpt. I sculpted and placed the front Cthulhu-ish face for the tower, finished up the roof tiles and spread some of the extra roof tiles around the base as debris. I also finished carving in the mortar/stonework. One last look at the shiny, malleable clay and then it’s into the oven. Mighty nervous about my first time baking any clay, let alone a polymer clay like SuperSculpey.

The directions are easy enough:

275F (135C) for 15-30 minutes, depending on thickness (15min for every 1/4-inch / 0.635cm of clay thickness)

I was working with an internal wire armature to most of the model so There was actually very little thickness and the overall model is relatively light, despite it’s completed size of 12-inches / 30.48cm at its topmost point.

As it turns out 12-inches is about an inch too high for the inside of a regular oven without touching the elements, but thanks to the tower being the way it is, I was able to navigate around the element and get a terrific bake on this thing.

It worked! My first bake is a success and the model turned out beautiful, with every detail captured perfectly. The glossy sheen is gone now, replaced with a matte grey finish that will serve as the perfect stonework base colour for my attempts to paint it. Here’s some snaps of the finished bake.

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