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Wash turned out just a touch darker than I hoped for but I’m still going to have to dry brush a couple tones of dark/light grey to get that stone-look. Imma let it dry for a bit before moving on to other colours and highlights. That clay really takes the paint well.

Dry brushing the #dicetower with a neutral grey (#Tamiya XF-53) really brought out tons of subtle surface details while leaving depth in the shadows and cracks.

Trying to decide on felt colour for the dice tray/ramp and I’m leaning towards purple for that extra-magician-ey look and the good contrast of what will likely be black/green tentacles + the red of the magic runes. What do you think? Black, Red or Purple? (I’m gonna go with purple; I love the vibrancy and contrast against the very dark tower and tentacles.

Working with Tamiya acrylic paints (green, flat earth, black mix) to put some rain-washed grime in the deeper recesses of the tower and a dry brush of the same. I want to give it that spring-time deep forest ancient tower feel.

Using black felt to size and cut everything proper for the final purple felt (yep, iz gon’ be purple). Base deco was (Brown, Flat Earth, Dark Green w/ DGreen dry brush) to add shadows and grime below the rocks and fallen stones at the bottom. Stones and roof next.

Using #Tamiya dark sky grey as the second coat over the dark wash on the rocks n’ boulders around the base. Nice to get more definition back from the wash with each pass of colour. 2 More colours for the rocks (mid-tone & highlight) and they’re done.

Went over the bright grey rocks with a thinner black wash to really punch in the shadows, blasted it w/ a hair-dryer, then a light-grey (Tamiya XF-66) w/ a dry brush to highlight the edges of the rocks. No clue what i’m doing, but so far it’s coming up pretty good.

Strapped some wet black (Tamiya X-1) on the tentacles which I think gives them some really great contrast against the tower. Also mottled some stones for visual variety and added wash-down f/x (Green/Black) to the underside of the tower roof.

Laying in base white-yellow over the dark wash took a couple coats to get it right, but I’m satisfied with my ‘bone’ recipe (a sliver of Tamiya Yellow XF-3 & healthy dose of Flat White XF-2). Now to hit them with a brown/grunge wash and then some lighter highlights.

Took 10 minutes to slather some thinned red-brown (Tamiya XF-64) wash over the bones and it’s done the trick; filled in the creases with some good grime and helped define the lines. I’m gonna hit it with the blow-dryer and then some light highlights.

#sculpting #sculpey #clay #ttrpg #dicetower #gothic #horror #cthulhu

Not sure if you can really tell from the pics, but I added some deep green (Tamiya XF-26) to rain runoff areas and a very dry brush application to certain tower stones, cracks and ground area, and to the underside of stones around the circle for moss/grime. #sculpture #dicetower

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