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We’re implementing a new Google Calendar in the Take20 D&D website to let everyone know when show times are. The short list used to work, but we’re broadening our adventuring horizons with new shows, new GM’s, players and all-new campaigns in 2020. You’ll want to mark your calendars, ’cause you won’t wanna miss out on the fun!

Some new friends will be joining us in January 2020 as we extend our love of the game to a few other studios. Camerina Adventures, the Bards tale Inn, and The Chronicles of Chryalis are just some of the new shows coming to the Take20 D&D TTRPG network. Several new GM’s and new players, cleverly crafted and deliciously detailed homebrew campaigns, RIFTS®, Aliens®, Fallout and of course tons of Dungeons & Dragons spanning second-edition and fifth-edition.

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