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Camerina Adventures

Dungeons & Dragons® – 2nd Edition

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A Stalwart Band of Adventurers

The continent of Arienne is a large land mass that has two very powerful and strong nations. The first is Camerina in the West with it’s capital of Narok. It embraces all human, demi-human as well as humanoid races. In the east the Habowain nation tends to abuse and enslave those who are not humans. The two nations are separated by a wild magic zone between two rivers that flow from the mountains of Zathor in the north. The only feature of the broken lands is a long destroyed castle, whose origins and destruction there of are unknown.
Rumors abound of another hidden nation in the Zathor mountains, one of exclusively non-human nature. No one knows the truth, but many are apprehensive of this mystery nation. If it does exist, why does it not ally itself with Camerina, does it want to attack all humans and enslave them as the Habowaiens have done?
These lands rest well north in the world of Faerun and our party may end up making their way down to the realms in times to come.

Camerina Adventures
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